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Here is a listing of out top 100 hypnosis downloads from the past 12 months. No doubt if you are researching hypnosis downloads you have found the the Internet is awash with web sites which offer hypnosis products and services that have not been created by experienced professionals, nor are they based on current research-based practices. Some of these programs are of limited or no use, while others may do more harm than good.

Our hypnosis downloads work within a strict ethical guidelines to ensure that every program meets the highest professional standards, based on current research and knowledge. They also use their knowledge of what hypnosis is
They only develop downloads for things that:good for to guide the topics we address.

  1. We have successfully treated ourselves
  2. Or for which there is research supporting the effective use of hypnosis
  3. And which common sense says hypnosis could practically help (for example, there is no link that we can see between the use of hypnosis and growing taller, although you will find products that claim to do this!)

Why we use hypnosis.

We use hypnosis among other psychological tools, because it is part of our birth-right as human beings, and the keystone of any learning process. Without it, or through its unintentional mis-use, therapeutic attempts can be difficult, protracted and can even make the situation worse instead of better.

Emotional problems work much more on the “feeling level” than the “thinking level” which is why just trying to think differently is so hard when trying to lift, for example, panic attacks or feelings of low self worth or phobias. We use hypnosis to help you feel different quickly which then makes you think differently about a situation. This is much easier and more natural way of lifting problems. But we also understand that people are not just ‘hypnotic’ which is why our sessions also address thinking styles and how to change them and encourage healthy behaviour in the future.

Hypnosis downloads to stop smoking

Why you can relax about buying your Hypnotherapy downloads from us Please put your mind at rest – every download is crafted by our team of experienced hypnotherapists, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available.  With more than 250,000 downloads purchased, we are the world’s largest hypnosis provider.  However, we realise that not all Hypnotherapy downloads work equally well for everybody, so if you find this doesn’t do what you wanted, simply let us know within 90 days and we will refund you in full, no questions asked. (One order per customer)

Buy and enjoy your Hypnotherapy downloads With Confidence:

The AAH Group Team

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