“I’ve tried numerous self esteem CDs and none of them worked as well as the self-esteem builder download”

“I have tried hypnosis tapes from a well known hypnotist which gave limited results, so I was a little weary of trying hypnosis again.”

“The problem I addressed was low self-esteem as a result of a childhood with emotional and physical abuse- which left me frightened and self-hating. Constantly my life up until now was to forget that I have value and to always put other people before myself as they are more important. I had developed a behaviour pattern of constantly seeking approval from others and expecting rejection as I wasn’t good enough for them.”

“I’ve been using the self esteem booster for a month now and I cant remember using such a product which actually worked on my esteem levels. I’ve tried numerous self esteem CDs and absolutely none of them worked as well as the ‘Self-Esteem Builder‘ download. It worked on improving how I valued myself by recognising the environment I’m in now (abusive parents) is not at all healthy. It also taught me that no matter what would happen in my life, I am still a valuable, unique person with talents and gifts. It stopped me being so negative about myself- and that is some feat for me. It has never occurred to me that I could develop my own worth and standards without feeling that its wrong or bad.”

“I thoroughly praise and recommend this download and hypnosis in general. Anyone who’s had an experience of self loathing and approval seeking, get this download. It’s first class.”

This story came from Michael Sibble who is a volunteer from London, UK